Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fair Recap Day 1

We went to the fair today mainly to see how we did in the photo contest. Mr. Bean ended up with 7 ribbons and a special ribbon (judge's choice) which really means nothing except getting a second ribbon with his first prize. I ended up with 6 ribbons. That means roughly 1 in 3 of my entries got a prize. Not bad.

We also found Los Lobos was playing the concert and sat in on a few numbers. It was free this year (although general entry fee is much higher this year presumably to cover the cost of the free evening entertainment).

String Bean enjoyed "Ag-venture Land" which is the kiddie play area with all agricultural-type exhibits. Her favorite was riding the kiddie tractors around the course and harvesting "eggs" and "apples" from the fake hens and fake trees. She also enjoyed the petting zoo. Really, what kid wouldn't?

I picked up some local honey to help aid me in my allergies. We do it all again tomorrow. Perhaps there will be a new adventure awaiting us!


Caryn said...

Which one did Mr. Bean get two ribbons for? Did the one of String Bean playing with the water bucket win? I love that picture!

Mandie said...

String Bean with the water won nothing! He got the special award for his windy road scenics photo.