Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seriously, Heidi and Spencer?

If you haven't seen the 2 episodes of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here," you really haven't missed a whole lot except Heidi and Spencer Pratt acting like fools on television. They put the "whine" in the wining and dining celebrities are accustomed to.

Besides the constant use of hairspray for no apparent reason, Heidi and Spencer acted like spoiled children up until they QUIT the show because, as Spencer put it, "I don't volunteer, I get paid!"

I was pretty disturbed by Spencer's constant talking about being a Christian then turning around and yelling, acting childish, and praying for frivolous things like having a double date with Miley Cyrus ("And God answered my prayer in less than a month!"). You know "God loves a challenge!" Well, that's the gospel according to Stephen Baldwin who bapitized Spencer in the river during the episode.

I'm glad Heidi and Spencer have left the show just because I don't have to watch them be abassadors for my faith and spew hypocracy as they go along.

Now on to more important things like Patti Blagojevich spilling the secrets of her husband Rod's legal dilemma and the comedy duo Frangelina!

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Farrah said...

Oh, Heidi and Spencer! I haven't watched this new show, although I want to!! But I am admittedly a "Hills" addict and have followed their drama for way too long. It doesn't surprise me that they would be too primadonna for a show like that.
But, what is this about Spencer being a Christian and getting baptized?!?! He is definitely bad PR for Christians if it is true. he is such a punk! Now I have to go find the episode online somewhere. This i have to see! ;0