Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reading List

I am participating in the summer reading club at our local library. 9 books in 9 weeks. String Bean is participating, too. 9 hours in 9 weeks. Hardly seems fair.

So far, I've already read 3 books. Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles, Multiple Blessings by Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson (which only took one day when all I did during naptime was read), and Infant Swimming by Cynthia Clevenger. Each book was chosen for a specific purpose. The first because it was on the Battle of the Books list and the title intrigued me (!), the second because I watch the show, am saddend by the latest developments, and had to read a biography, and the third because String Bean has developed a fear of the water, so I wanted to read up on the subject. I also needed to read a non-fiction book.

Still on my list are 6 more books one of which must be a classic. Any suggestions for the remaining 6 books?


Amy said...

Jane Eyre for a classic!

Mandie said...

When pigs fly, Amy.