Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tutu Tips

I got caught up yesterday making this for String Bean that I forgot to blog! Whoops. I'd say, "It won't happen again," but I'd probably be lying.

A few notes about that tutu if you plan to make it. My baby has a pretty small waist and is pretty short for 19 months old. I suggest you measure your kid to see where you want the tutu to fall. I made 20" tulle pieces instead of 24". Combing the shorter pieces with a smaller waist, I only needed 25 yards of fabric instead of 50. Of course, your mileage may vary as you make this, so be sure to do a bit of measuring before you start cutting!

We hired our music pastor's son to come over and clean our house today. Paying him $6 per hour, we are out $33, but our house is livable again! Crevices that haven't seen a vacuum or dust cloth in years (gulp) are now clean and tidy. Even our refrigerator and freezer were emptied and wiped down! If you need a house cleaner and you're local, let me know. I'll pass along his info and you can hire him. He's looking for summer work.

Now to enjoy the evening with a clean home and a well dressed toddler!


Filbert said...

I was thinking of hiring him to do some yard work, didn't know he could clean, too!

Mandie said...

Oh, yes. He can clean, entertain kids, and do yardwork! He's available all summer (even for long days). Give him a call!