Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hazel's Hobby Corner

I promised some pictures of my latest creations, so here we go!

First of all, we have my garden, 3 tomato plants and 5 pepper plants.

Here's a tomato plant:

Photo by Hazel

Here's another tomato (actually it might be the same tomato, just a different angle):

more tomatoes
More tomatoes
Photo by Hazel

And here are the peppers along with Walnut's super scary blue widow spider whose name is Bluey.

blue spider and peppers
Walnut's scary spider invades the pepper plants.
Photo by Hazel

Now for some sewing projects. I made pillowcases for Walnut and Peanut.

Pillows for Walnut and Peanut
Walnut and Peanut's pillows.
Photo by Hazel

And the back view:

back of pillows
Walnut and Peanut's pillows-a view of the back.
Photo by Hazel

Here is Miss Cashew modeling her new skirt.

skirt twirl
Cashew models a skirt by taking a turn on the runway.
Photo by Hazel

I am publishing this one just because it is super cute.

Cashew is cuteness in a nutshell. (pun intended)
Photo by Hazel

Now, for the pièce de résistance (check out my fancy French!) I had the house to myself on Wednesday so I took the entire afternoon to work on making a blouse from this tutorial. Three straight hours I spent working on this and at the end of three straight hours, I present to you all....

The beginnings of a shirt sewing project. This is one of the shoulder straps.
Photo by Hazel


Amy said...

Mandie, you are so awesome! You added accents to my French words!

Grandnut C said...

You are awesome!!!

Mandie said...

I'm so glad you noticed. :) I enjoyed doing that.