Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today was Not Better

Although String Bean got a great night of sleep, she did not have a better day today.

We visited the Cana Island Lighthouse. After hiking to the island (ok, that sounds more dramatic than it is), we went into the lighthouse. String Bean decided she should crawl up to the second floor of the "home" side of the lighthouse. Around the third step, she slipped and smacked her face on the step and she has a nice purple bruise to prove it!

After several tears were shed and String Bean had recovered from the incident, I carried her up the offending stairs. While there, she found some kid-sized chairs to sit in. She made the mistake of asking her father to come sit in the chair beside her. Instead of moving her fingers from between the chairs, she left them and Mr. Bean managed to pinch them tightly. Luckily (?), this was on the opposite hand than the one she got caught in the elevator door on Sunday.

So, today was not String Bean's day either. Maybe tomorrow.

1 comment:

Christy said...

Instead of "String Bean's Holiday" it sounds more like "Mr. Bean's Holiday"! Poor baby - and poor you! It stinks seeing our babies get hurt.