Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grape Extravaganza

I typically cut up 30 or 40 grapes at a time and fill a small tupperware container with them so I don't have to cut the 3 or 4 that String Bean will eat at every meal and dirty up a knife and cutting board multiple times a week.

The ENTIRE tupperware container I cut up the other day has gone untouched until today. In the 15 minutes I've been sitting in my rocker checking my email and facebook, String Bean has eaten almost the entire thing!

This is truly amazing feat from a child who never eats more than she absolutely has to. It helps when you aren't in your high chair and you have a little chair just your size to sit in I suppose.

Now to look forward to some dirty diapers with lots of grape skins!

Oh, and congratulations to my friend Emily on the birth of her daughter, Rory!

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