Sunday, May 31, 2009

Clean Up

Don't you love it when you clean up the living room and your kid wakes up, comes in, and completely trashes it?

We are teaching String Bean to clean up after herself, but tonight just was not the night to make it happen. I'm afraid I missed the window for putting her down, which translated in her not going to bed until 10 pm. Rather than force her to clean up her mess, I just put her down.

At what age did you start teaching your child to clean up after themselves? (I was going to add "At what age did they catch on and do it on their own?" and then I realized that was a silly question!)


Mr. Bean said...

And then Mr. Bean came home and cleaned it all up for you. Must be love.

Musings from Me said...

Mine are 13, 10, and 6. We never had a cleanup ritual. I have them clean up when we are expecting guests/hosting an event. We can all tolerate the clutter of day-to-day life -- but I wish I had established a cleanup ritual. My husband is the bed-time guy and hje refuses to do on -- and I don't enforce one wither.