Friday, April 3, 2009

Updating the Wardrobe

Mr. Bean is pretty particular about String Bean's fashion. I get vetoed often on the choices I make for her wardrobe. I purchased some shoes and an Easter dress from Target the other day and Mr. Bean made me take them back today and purchase something different.

Luckily, I got the coveted 30% off Kohl's coupon this month. I dragged Mr. Bean along and was thrilled to be able to go and purchase all sorts of things for String Bean and me!

Here are a couple of things we got her. None of them are her Easter dress (wouldn't want to spoil our fun for Easter monring)!

Summery PJs since her room does not have air conditioning:

And some things for me:

(Those last two shirts ARE different colors even though they look the same here.)

How much did I spend on all 16 clothing items we purchased? The cost before sales was $350 (before tax) for the shopping spree. My subtotal after sales was $205.51. Then, I used my 30% off coupon and my final total was $143.85 (before tax). That's almost 60% off the original price! I love being frugal. If I had shopped clearance, I could have done better, but I don't need sweaters.

We ran out of time shopping for Mr. Bean, so we go back to Kohl's tomorrow to work on his wardrobe a bit and to check out that shirt I saw on the way out the door that I didn't have time to try on!

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