Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Five Generations

Well, here we are. The 5 generations of my family at my Great Grandfather's 100th Birthday party:

My Great Grandpa (String Bean's Great Great Grandpa) is seated. String Bean is the little one. Age difference: 98 1/2 years. My mom in red) and my grandma (in purple) are the other two pictured. We had a fantastic time visiting with family and enjoying celebrating Great Grandpa's life! (That's Great-Great Grandpa to String Bean!

A Great Great Grandfather shares his wisdom with an eager pupil.

This is String Bean and her Great Great Great Aunt Mary Jean. (She is String Bean's Great Great Grandfather's youngest sister.)


Emily said...

Those are nice pictures to have! Chloe has that same shirt as Ruby - the black & white one. Does Ruby have the matching pants?

Mandie said...

There is matching pants?!