Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We spent most of the day on Friday practicing for today's Easter egg hunt. Ama, String Bean's grandmother, had given her a hard boiled egg to "decorate" with stickers and I hid it around our living room and encouraged her to find it and put it in her basket. With glee, she found it every time and put it in her basket the proceeded to applaud herself for a job well done.

The egg hunt we visited was great. There was a 5 egg limit per child. Ama went with us so Mr. Bean could videotape, I could photograph, and Ama could elbow out all the other rugrats trying to pick up my precious child's eggs.

String Bean found a pile of 5 eggs, patiently put each one in her basket and then signed "all done." Yes, my 17 month old knows how to count to 5 and obey the 5 egg limit. Gifted. The entire hunt with the hundreds of kids there lasted about 30 seconds.

The eggs were empty, which is fine by me since String Bean has no idea that there is supposed to be candy in them anyway. The brochure said, "each child will get a goody bag." When we got to the goody bag table, String Bean put her little hand out for her bag and took it from the nice high school volunteer. She promptly put in her basket and put her hand out for another one. Clearly she knew there were Smarties inside. High School Girl gave her a second bag, but when that greedy little hand popped out for a third one, String Bean was denied. Can't blame a girl for trying.

The rest of the day we spent at the park. String Bean did not enjoy the temporary tattoo. It was a bit too permanent for her. She kept trying to pull it off like a sticker. She gives us the "stink face" every time she fails to pull it off her arm. We then got the obligitary photo with the Easter Bunny. They gave out free polariods and allowed us to take our own photos, too. The Polaroid photo turned out great. Nostalgia swept over me. Looks like a photo you might find in my baby book. Finally, we walked the gardens of the park and String Bean repeatedly threw her eggs out of her basket and found them all again with glee.

All in all, it was a good day and a great hunt! All we had to pay for was the cost of parking. Scratch that. My in-laws gave us a parking pass, so all was free!

Happy Easter!


Christy said...

I'm glad you all had some fun before String Bean came down with a fever.

Caryn said...

Loved watching String Bean "practicing" on Skype yesterday!