Thursday, April 9, 2009

The De-valuation of Motherhood

I was watching Oprah again this week. I know, I know, I shouldn't even turn it on because I just get annoyed, but I had laundry to fold and I like to watch TV while I fold laundry. I try not to watch too much TV during the day, so I limit myslef to only watching while I fold laundry. This is a helpful tip for those of you like me who need help turning the TV off and keeping up with laundry. Well, that's my nugget of wisdom for today. Anyway, back to Oprah. They had a show about what it's really like to be a mom and I tell you, these women complained more that Walnut when he wants junk food. I just don't understand how a mother can find no joy in her children and I don't understand how hard it is to find time for shower. Now I am totally unorganized and don't even remember what color my family room carpet is supposed to be, but I manange to get my self washed and my kids fed with actual food pretty much every day.

I got into a conversation on Facebook about this with my friend, Tara, the other day and I had what might have been a profound thought about how motherhood holds little value in today's society. You hear statements all the time like "I love being home with my kids, but...", "I have fun with my kids, but...". There is always a qualifier. Being *just* a mom is not something that it's okay to value in our society.

Today I'm making a stand. I love being a mom. Period. End of sentence.


janet lynn said...

hi... i don't think i know you, but i know mandy, and can i just say that i blame this disease to how we've gotten away from nurturing ourselves & these new relationships w/ kiddos in our society. we've outsource much of our parenting to playgroups, daycares, mecanical toys, birth w/ machines, lack of trust in our bodies @ birth & more trust in drs, pediatrians to tell us what's wrong w/ our children, etc... i could go on & on w/ this. i'm against it all!! it has robbed our intuition to mothering/parenting & even churches now have the supposed "foothold" on forming children's spirituality - church programs when originally & i would say biblically, it is in the family that spirituality is formed in all. yet, we've lost touch w/ how to do this; so, we drop kiddos off in age groups so that again someone else can do the job for us. ugh! anyway - i think it is a disease that we will pay highly for in society & we won't realize it until maybe 2 or more generations from now. families need to take back their place in society. (breath)....

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!! You are a great mom.