Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Crafts for Preschoolers

Ever have one of those days? Here are a couple simple crafts to do with your preschooler to keep them busy. (And they are educational, too!)

Trail Mix
Have your child practice counting. Get together a big bowl, a spoon, and several dry ingredients such as cereal, M&Ms or small pretzels. Have your child count out a set number (10, 20, 100--depending on your child's counting skills) of each kind of ingredient and toss them into the big bowl. Let your child mix up the snack and divvy it up for mom, dad, siblings and friends!

"Candy" Necklaces
You will need cereal with a hole such as Fruit Loops and about a foot or a foot and a half of yarn. Tie one of the pieces of cereal to the end of the string and have your child string the cereal onto the string to make a "candy" necklace. When finished, tie the end of the string back on the original piece of cereal. This craft helps with fine motor skills. You can also have your child make patterns to practice sequencing.

Using toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls or even paper plates, make shakers. Covering the ends of the rolls (or stapling two paper plates together). In the middle of the roll, put dried beans or dried rice. Once sealed, turn on the music and practice playing with the band! This activity develops rhythm and musical awareness.

What are some of your preschooler-friendly educational craft ideas?

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