Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Done!

String Bean has been using Baby Signs to communicate with Mr. Bean and me for several months now. I can't believe how easy it has been to teach her and now we are reaping the benefits of communication!

Today I went to the asthma doctor. Surely there is some clever name for those guys. Something-ologist I'm sure. Being that String Bean is now 16 months old and quite aware of the world around her, she has opinions on who can do what and to whom. When we were ushered back into the exam room, she immediately thought, as most egocentric youngsters do, that this appointment was for her. And she was going to have none of it! When the nurse walked in, String Bean's brow furrowed in silent protest. I think she was confused when everything kept happening to me instead of to her. After my blood pressure, she signed "all done" all while disapproving of the whole event with her facial expressions.

The doctor came in and wanted to listen to my breathing. String Bean's silent glares and disapproval continued. When the doctor was finished listening, he pushed his chair back and got ready to tell me what he heard when String Bean furiously and with grunts for added emphasis signed "all done" repeatedly at him. He looked at her smiled and signed "all done" right back. He said, "Yep, we are all done! No more of that." Under his breath he said, "I know better than to continue to irk a woman!"

Not only is String Bean's mastery of a few basic signs helping her communicate her thoughts with me, but she's also pushing around the higher-ups in the medical community! Perhaps I should put her on the phone with cousin Ginger's COBRA rep and see if she can make some things happen there.

Well, I'm "all done" for today.

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Christy said...

Cool. Sorry I don't have anything more profound to add. It's been a hectic week and my mind is mush now.