Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update on the Card

Mr. Bean and I went to the grocery store to look for birthday cards for the various family members with March birthdays. There are 4. We were successful in all of them, except the 100th birthday card for my great-grandfather.

As we looked at the shelf, we found "age" cards starting at 60 and going up in 5 year increments all the way to 95 and then it stopped. Why?! So, we were considering getting a 95 card and a 5 card until our friend Patrick suggested we just get 100 1-year-old birthday cards.


Mr. Bean said...

I'm not sure going the "100 1-year-old cards" route is the most cost-effective solution.

Amy said...

It would only cost like $300. What kind of a cheapskate are you?