Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Slip of the Tongue

We've all made them. We've all said things we've had to apologize for. I'm fortunate that I've never made one on a late night television show. I'd like to extend some grace for President Obama regarding his "Special Olympics", but I'm having a hard time with it. It's personal for me. That's my son that is being mocked. I've heard the apology, but the sting is still there. It's all over our society, the disabled are still a minority that it's okay to mock. How many times have you heard a joke about riding the short bus? The short bus is a reality for me. Every day I walk down my driveway and get Peanut off of a short bus. He absolutely loves riding the bus. He gets the most precious, excited look on his face when you ask him about the bus. He even made up his own sign for the bus, he waves his little hand in the air in an arc. But then I think about a few years from now when he hears his first "short bus" joke and the thing that brings him such joy now, will make him the butt of a joke.

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Grandnut C said...

I too was offened by the Presidents remark. Hazel is a better person than I, it never entered my mind to extend grace to him afterall he is the President of the USA and should be above such remarks. And what was he doing on Leno anyway???
I love Peanut with all my heart and pray that we will all rise above our predjudices before he gets any older. But with the latest remarks from the president it doesn't look good!!