Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Our church passed new bylaws which change our leadership structure. I am on the committee that is helping make the leadership transition to the new structure. I am also one of the candidates for the new "nomination committee" which helps place the leaders of the church.

Tonight was my interview. It was much like a typical job interview, but I also got to share how the Lord is working (and has worked) in my life. I've been serving with the group that interviewed me for a couple of years now. As I was being interviewed, and as one of the other members of this committee were being interviewed, it was interesting to learn about the trials each of us had been through and to rejoice and give God glory for his working in our lives.

Next week, we are interviewing 4 other candidates for this new committee. I am looking forward to hearing about the spiritual journeys of these other interviewees that I have known and worked alongside for several years now!

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Madge said...

It's always good to see how God is working in other people's lives.