Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG Bonuses

I am as frustrated as much of the rest of America about the AIG Bonuses using our taxpayer money. Have you heard on the news that the execs who received the bonuses are getting death threats?

I can't help but wonder how I would feel if I were one of the execs who got a bonus. In our rage, we forget that they are real people with real problems. Perhaps for some of them, the bonus they got was an answer to prayer to pay off a huge debt. Perhaps for some of them, the bonus was the reason they were able to avoid foreclosure.

I'm sure there are greedy guys out there who were thrilled to just have more money to line their greedy pockets. I still can't help but wonder.

On the other hand, aren't these the same execs who drove AIG into the ground? Do they really need or deserve bonuses that will ensure that they stay with AIG through the rough times? Should they even stay?

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Christy said...

I seriously doubt that NEEDED those bonuses. If they did, they are living WAY ABOVE their means. However, they do NOT deserve death threats.