Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peanut's First Day of School

Since Peanut celebrated his third birthday last week, he is no longer eligible for Early Intervention. This means he goes to school now to receive his therapies and so forth. We had an IEP meeting (Individual Education Plan) and it was decided that Peanut would go to pre-school 4 mornings a week and receive Speech, Occupational and Physical therapies. The classroom that he is in is especially for kids with speech problems. We visited the classroom and Peanut had a wonderful time. Our biggest concern was that he would have an hour bus ride home from school. So yesterday was the big day, Peanut was nearly beside himself with excitement and couldn't wait to get his back-pack on. Filbert got to drive him on his first day, because I took him for the visit. I'm still not sure that was quite fair. Then I just had to wait for the bus to bring him home. The bus was scheduled to drop him off at 12:07. I had my coat on and was waiting by 11:55. At 12:17, I called the school to find out where my baby was, and as soon as I was put on hold I saw the bus coming up the street. I ran down to driveway to meet it, but it drove right past. I ran after it for about a 1/2 block but then I could see it turning a corner, so I turned around to head it off at the next block. I flagged the bus down and found that the driver had been given bad directions. Peanut was sound asleep so he did not see the crazy lady chasing a bus down the street, but I'm afraid most of my neighbors did and I've been trying so hard to keep the crazy in the house.

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Caryn said...

You can fool some of the people some of the time... ;) You are a GREAT Mom to chase the bus down. That bus driver will think twice before pulling that monkey business again!