Monday, February 16, 2009

My Lucky E-mail

*this post is intended to be read with dripping sarcasm*

Pretty soon Mr. Bean and I will be all set for life! String Bean (and any future siblings) will want for nothing! You see, I have the luckiest e-mail address ever.

I have gotten several e-mail notifications that my e-mail address was chosen from among millions to win large sums of money in various lotteries from all over the world! (Although I have won the UK lottery several times with varying amounts of prize money.)

I should also mention that since I'm so philanthropic in nature, I have of coursed helped all our Nigerian friends with their money woes by accepting large sums of money on their behalf and then giving them a percentage of it as a fee. After all, they couldn't access it without my help!

Gee, I wonder when those checks will start flooding my (real) mailbox...

1 comment:

the other Amy said...

It is interesting that some of those emails end up in my spam box while some end up in my inbox, I can't quite figure out how it is determined the final destination.