Friday, February 20, 2009

Nutrition is Expensive

I was watching some Primetime kind of show on television the other day. They were comparing the fattest city (in West Virginia) and the thinnest city (somewhere in the northeast). One of the ladies in the fat city opened her cabinet. I recognized many of the brands in the cupboard as Aldi brands. The most interesting sound bite came moments later when she opened her freezer and commented on how they ate a lot of frozen vegetables because the fresh stuff was so expensive. In response to a question by the reporter, the lady responded, "It is a lot cheaper and easier to eat unhealthy food. That is how we got into the position we are in." (Well, she said something like that anyway.)

It struck me at that moment why it is so easy for me to purchase "junk" food. I'm a coupon junkie first and foremost. So, when my favorite treats are on sale and I have a coupon, it is so cheap, my frugal side insists on the purchase. I've NEVER seen a fresh produce company put out a coupon. Occasionally, a non-produce company will offer a free something or cents off of something in the produce seciont if you buy their product.

No wonder America is so fat! Just wait...with this economic crisis, we are going to get fatter!

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