Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun with Pets

As I type this, Mr. Bean has set up the playpen for our chinchilla, Walter. It is a wire barrier set up in a circle-like fashion with a top on it because Walter is an expert jumper and easily could jump out. Chasing Walter and catching him in a reasonable amount of time is like trying to herd cats. This make-shift playpen was our solution.

Mr. Bean put String Bean inside and got in himself. There is no sight like a 6 foot tall man sitting inside a cage intended for a rabbit-sized animal. Add to that a very curious and overly excited 15 month old.

Poor Walter didn't see it coming.


the other Amy said...

Did you take a picture, because that is a Kodak moment?

Mandie said...

No photos this time. I am certain it will happen again (and again and again...)