Thursday, February 26, 2009


When it rains, the our street floods. It is the ONLY way to get in and out of the parking lot at our condo building. We used to be able to get in and out via a local business, but they've recently installed pylons so cars cannot drive through their lot.

I came home tonight during a bad rainstorm, so obviously the street was flooded. I had to park a block north of our building and walk through the rain and cold. At the point right before our access street, the flood waters were probably 1 to 2 feet high. At that corner is the fire department, whose parking lot does not flood. So, I decided to go to their back door and use the doorbell to see if they'd let me walk through their building instead of through the puddle. Who would say no to a mom carrying a 15 month old in the pouring rain, right? No one answered the doorbell. Then, I noticed the phone. I picked it up. Nothing. I hung up and tried again. Sounded like a very faint ring. I hung up. Tried again. Seemed like the problem was a poor connection. Never got anyone to answer. In looking through the windows, it appeared the place was closed. Why would you close a fire station (that has a BIG safe haven sign by the door) without putting a notice on the door to the public?

String Bean and I walked around the back of the fire department, through the bushes and the mud, to avoid the deep water. I'm so sick of this. The city is getting a letter from me. (Mr. Bean was approaching our house from the opposite direction and had to park at the local Walgreens and walk through shallower water home.)


Madge said...

write that letter. they need to be held accountable -- doesn't sound like a fun time for you and that 15 month old.

Ginger said...

That's crazy! So nice of those nasties to put up pylons.