Friday, January 16, 2009

Taking a Break to Eat a Frog

Mandie sent me this link the other day. So today, I'm taking a break from my living room, and I'm cleaning the family room, which really should be condemned. It's way over due for vacuuming, but that requires being able to see the floor. I'm hoping to get all the toys and junk picked up so that I can vacuum while Peanut and Cashew take their naps. Then, tomorrow, I can get back to the living room, where I have made actual progress in my quest for organization.


Mandie said...

Good work, Amy! I always have to vacuum while String Bean is asleep because she's deathly afraid of the vacuum right now.

J said...

Hi Amy - perfect stranger here just saying hello. I did a blog search for Prader-Willi and found "Just We Moms." Great idea to have co-authors. I will have to spend some time going through all of the previous posts.

I have three children (all boys) too and my youngest is 17 months today and has PWS/UPD. I have a blog that I've only share with friends. Still afraid of the outside world I guess and learning my way along this new and uncertain path. It isn't just about "A", but some random musings about all of my kids. If you are ever interested, I'd love to share the password with you. For all of your spare time ;o). By the way, I absolutely love your "nuts" theme. VERY creative. Thanks for letting me read about you - take care!

Mandie said...


You're welcome to chat with Amy directly via our e-mail address: JustWeMoms@gmail.com

It is also listed on our main page!

Amy said...

Jeannette,I'm so glad you found the blog! I have to flu, so I'm not really up to chatting right now, but when I feel better, I'll be sure to get in touch with you.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Love that book and the concept. It has been very helpful to me, the resident procrastinator.

Good for you!