Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sticker Emergency

String Bean has found her passion in life: stickers. One of the reasons we survived our 12 hour (13 hour? Who is counting?) were the stickers my mother-in-law gave us. Oh, how thankful we are for the veterans and other organizations that send sticker address labels and holiday-themed stickers for the holidays.

The last couple of Sundays we attended our church, String Bean has enjoyed sitting in our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School for adults) on our friend Connie's lap. I found out today that Connie, too, has a passion for stickers. They are a match made in heaven. What joy to find someone who loves what you love and you can share your passions with. When String Bean started to get restless, out came the stickers. Would you believe that Connie keeps stickers (hole punched and everything) in her day planner for just such a sticker emergency? All during the ABF today, they put stickers on one another and shared in their joy. Ahh, friendship.

This story really pales in comparison to Amy's story about her own little bean. Be sure to check back for that gem!

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

that's awesome! I save all of those free stickers too. One of my nieces loves them.

Hope you are doing well!