Saturday, January 24, 2009


17 years ago this summer, I was 13 years old and embarking on a new adventure with Teen Missions International for a summer mission trip to the Ukraine. I met my 30-some teammates in Merritt Island, Florida for training before we jetted off to a small church in need of some construction help. We ranged in age from 13 (I was the youngest) to 19 plus our 5 leaders who went along with us.

Just recently, I found one of my teammates. We created a group on Facebook so we could connect all our old teammates and share memories and photos. A few weeks later, another friend found me. Together for 4 hours last night, we jotted down names of everyone we could think of (with the aid of some photos) and started looking for them.

As of this post, we have found about a third of our team. We've already had several people scan and upload photos from the trip and memories are flooding back to us.

Isn't the Lord good to let us reunite with our brothers and sisters this side of heaven?

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