Sunday, January 18, 2009

Esther and Obama

I am in the Beth Moore study of Esther. So far, we have only completed the first lesson which is an introduction to the book of Esther. If you have a moment, check out what my friend Christy has to say about the Esther study. (Oh, and the "dear friend" she refers to is my Mom!) I was surprised to learn, despite having a minor in Bible from Moody Bible Institute, that the book of Esther has no mention of God's name in it at all. *jaw dropping to the floor* Despite that, we can still learn a lot about the character of God through this story. For example, isn't it just like God to choose someone weak through which He can show His strength?

Obviously, Esther was a woman. Back in Old Testament times, that didn't afford her the same opportunities that women get today (like voting and equal pay for starters). People of that time saw women as powerless. Secondly, she was Jewish. In the kingdom of Persia, the Jewish people were outsiders, aliens in the country. She was a foreigner. Although she was probably acclimated to the customs and language of the land, she still was seen as being a non-Persian, a second class citizen. Yet, God used this woman to change the course of history. God can control the outcome of any situation. He holds the hearts of kings in His hand and can turn them wherever he wishes.

We are on the verge of a new ruler here in America. Regardless of how you personally feel about our president and our president-elect and regardless of how you cast your vote, you can rest assured that God is in control of the office of the Presidency and nothing that our new President Obama plans to do or will do will surprise God or thwart His plans. Whenever he wishes, God can go and stir the President's heart to turn this way or that.

Isn't it comforting to know that God is in control of human affairs?

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