Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Complete Failure

Recently, Mr. Bean, String Bean, and I sat down with an old friend who just moved back to the area. He was sharing about how there was a family argument over food for his wedding. He and his fiance are both vegetarians, but the parents of the bride are meat lovers like yours truly. They suggested meat and potatoes for the wedding food. Said friend and his fiance are trying to pick which battles to fight since the future in-laws have opinons about everything. I suggested they compromise by having "potatoes and meat."

ba-doom-boom (that's a drum beat, you know the kind after a joke?)

*crickets chirping*

Being the meat loving carnivore that I am, I have to say I'm on the in-laws side on this one. Even more so if I get an invitation to this wedding. Give me some red meat and a potato (of any variety) on the side and I'm happier than a fox in a hen house.

So, what does this story have to do with anything? String Bean has always been a light eater. Her favorite food is carbs. If it is mostly carbs and starch, you can guarantee that she'll eat it and ask for more. We can also get this girl to eat just about anything dairy. Giving her ice cream or cheese gets a similar reaction to Ralphie opening his Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas morning. I've tried and tried to broaden her horizons to the fruit and veggies department. If it is grapes, bananas or corn, she's in heaven. Anything else is "eh."

Now, me being the "more meat the better" type, I assumed, this being the dominant gene, String Bean would also love to get her protein the the most natural way.

Today for lunch String Bean cleaned her plate. What was on it? Couscous and tofu. Huh? Hello...? Oh, and for dinner, she enjoyed snatching broccoli off my plate. Despite my best efforts I think I am raising a vegetarian. I am a complete failure.

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Christy said...

Most parents feel like failures when their kids DON'T eat veggies. Count your blessings. ;0)