Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not a Total Failure

As I mentioned earlier, Walnut, this year, is quite taken with Santa Claus, but he has not forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I asked him a couple days ago what Christmas is about and he answered promptly "Jesus". I sighed a sigh of relief that I had not totally failed in my efforts to keep the focus on the birth of Christ. Then he said "I was gonna say presents but then I remembered at the last second." Still, it's not a total failure.

Then I decided that we need more tangible reminders of Christ's birth around the house, so I put out a Nativity set. I hadn't put it out, yet because I have 2 toddlers and that just seemed like asking for trouble, but but young hearts were at stake so I was willing to take the risk. Walnut and I went through who all the people were and had a lovely time together. Then he wanted to play with the figures and promised to be, oh, so careful. So he played and before I knew it, I hear the sounds of flying and gunfire as only a 5 year old boy can produce and look over to see the baby Jesus soaring through the air and the Wise men trying to get him down. Later, Cashew found the sheep and horse and carried them around the house saying "moo". Peanut pretty much ignored it. I'm still counting the season as not a total failure, though.


Mr. Bean said...

Congrats on not being a total failure as a parent. (Sometimes that's the best we can ask for, I suppose.)

the other Amy said...

I like when he said, I remembered at the last second.