Wednesday, November 12, 2008

True Confessions, Part II

I don't have a notebook.

Now you all are thinking this is not a big deal, but when you become the parent of a child with special needs, you soon learn that notebooks are *huge* deals. Just about every other special needs parent I've met has a notebook, most of them have multiple notebooks. At Joni and Friends Family Retreat this summer, the other women talked reverently about their notebooks and how time and time again, their notebook has been instrumental in saving the very life of their child (I might be exaggerating a bit.) They told me I've got to get a notebook. They keep test results, schedules, all sorts of important stuff in their notebooks. I need one for medical stuff, one for education, one for nutrition, etc. I was talking about this to Filbert the other day and he reminded me that we do have a file for Peanut, but there's not much in it. Really, we mostly just have piles. (Remember, I am a Messie.) I have a plastic business card holder that has holes in it so I could put it in a notebook, if I had one, but, actually most of the cards are outdated and for doctors and therapists we don't actually see anymore. It's kind of a problem, because tomorrow morning I have a speech therapist and a nutritionist coming at the same time, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. I should go get a notebook, but I'd probably just lose it.


Mandie said...

That's hilarous because I actually was flirting with the thought of getting you a notebook to put all the promo materials that our giveaways come with. But then I thought, "What would she do with that notebook? What would *I* do with that notebook? What on earth am I thinking?"

That's just me trying to be organized, but not actually following through on what I'm realizing now was a bad idea to begin with!

No notebooks for us!

verna said...

Sitting on my shelf are several notebooks that have the first couple of pages, or so written on. I'm terrible with journals. Still, any amount of stories, information, enlightenment's you have on your children are priceless. Keep it up!

verna said...

One more thing....I'm so bad about keeping track of my journals and notebooks, that I forgot that I had actually started a "blog" a few years ago through this very site. Here it is. http://5christ.blogspot.com/


Caryn said...

Hopefully the speech therapist and the nutritionist were able to multi-task during their co-appointments this morning. This concept may be a future time saver for you and your family!

As for notebooks, my experience is that they probably are a good idea when you have one child, but with each addition to the family, you have to ask "Who has the time?"

Mandie said...

Mom (aka Caryn): I think you missed the point of the notebook. Peanut is a special needs child who has all sorts of therapists and doctors seeing him doing all sorts of tests (developmental, cognitive, medical, etc). The purpose of the notebook is to keep all the documentation from each doctor/therapist together so when your child is seen by a new doctor, you have all the medical history together. My understanding is that this is pretty common with special needs kids to have these notebooks to keep all that info in.

Amy said...

Yes, Mandie that is the kind of notebook I should have, but don't.

The therapies worked out just fine, one was 25 minutes early and the other 20 minutes late, so the first was leaving just as the 2nd one got there.
Score one for the unorganized!