Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homemade Stuff

I like homemade stuff. I'm not crafty at all so just admire other peoples homemade stuff. Mandie mentioned Etsy a while back and it is a great place for homemade stuff. Hyena Cart is good, too, but it's mostly cloth diaper stuff (which I also like) I'll link you to some stuff I've gotten or would just like to get.

Here is an earring set that tatmom designed for me. I absolutely love her tatted snowflakes. I want a whole boatload for my Christmas tree. My grandma used to tat and I have some snowflakes she made, but my cat chewed on some of them, so they're not in great shape.

Sunflower Sweeties This mama made a pair of custom wool longies for Cashew, that I absolutely adore. She threw in a crocheted wool ball as an extra and all my little nuts love it, and it's not dangerous which is a plus. (Just ask Cashew who got hit by a plastic ball this afternoon.)

This apron from ladyjenevive is gorgeous and I totally want it, but alas, it's sold.

I also love homemade soaps, does anyone know a good place to find them? Let me know!

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Mandie said...

Those earrings are so cute. I love handmade sites like etsy! I just am not that creative...