Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Problem with Pooh

I made a doctor snort today. Peanut had to go visit the ENT and while the doc was putting notes into the computer, Peanut and I were talking. He had a Winnie the Pooh sippy cup and very pleased about it. (Pooh is one of the few words he can actually say.) Then Peanut noticed that Cashew was wearing Winnie the Pooh socks. He pointed and said "pooh" and then I said "Yes, [Cashew] has Pooh on her socks!" Cue snort from doctor.

Edited at the request of the nut, Filbert


filbert said...

I think Cashew should be bracketed because you didn't actually say "cashew".

I'm a nit picker!

Amy said...

Happy, now?

Caryn said...